The kitchen is the heart of your home.

When it comes to renovating there is the opportunity to express your personality and style into the finishes, designs, and functionality. NLK Cabinets can take the stress out of your kitchen renovation and guide you through the process of design, colour selections and scheduling to help deliver a room you’ll fall in love with.


Replace or Reface

One of the major decisions you are faced with when considering a kitchen renovation is whether to completely replace and redesign the kitchen or keep the carcasses and simply facelift your existing cabinets. If the layout of your existing kitchen suits you and the room, then adding extra drawers and modifying the cabinets to complement your appliances would be a great option to save you time and money.

New tops and doors covering the old kickboards and adding some extra overhead cabinets can give the same result as replacing the entire kitchen. With a total refit comes the opportunity to work with a blank canvas, designing a truly unique kitchen with looks and functions that you’ve always dreamt of. Modern day hardware is truly amazing! From the Blum soft close drawers and hinges to the Vauth-Sagel Wari Corner and Wesco pull boy bins, we are spoilt for choices and endless possibilities to create an award-winning kitchen that will suit your heart’s desires.

Bench Tops

From Engineered stone to Laminate and everything in between, the options are endless when it comes to bench tops for your kitchen so making the right choice is imperative to its longevity.

Laminate tops are affordable and come in a myriad of patterns and finishes; they are warmer than stone and easily fitted on site.

Engineered stone is all the rage these days with new colours and finishes being released in the last couple of years. With its durability and nonporous finish, it has great flexibility and allows for water fall ends, under slung bowls and if you so desire you can use it for splash backs as well.

Solid timber tops are another option, not for everyone but for feature island tops and a true country style kitchen they surely are magnificent. Nothing gives warmth to a room like solid timber and with the ability to shape it as you please. Some magnificent designs are possible with it.

There are many more options available like Porcelain, Solid Granite and even Concrete, all can be accommodated in your new kitchen.

Doors, Drawer Fronts and Panels

Bench tops are working surface, but the doors, panels and drawer fronts are the decorative part of your kitchen, so this is where you can really express yourself with colours, patterns, and textures. Melamine doors have come a long way since the early eighties and so have the edging we use, laser edging and 1mm ABS give a very durable finish to the toughest door available and with the biggest range of colours and finishes these are the cheapest doors we use.

Vinyl wrap doors have also had a checked past with a lot of doors peeling they have lost popularity. They still are one of the nicest looking doors, without edging they are seamless and very decorative, they come in a variety of colours and finishes and with a lot of different styles to choose from, it’s an economical way to achieve the ever-popular Hamptons look. Polytec thermolaminated doors come with a seven-year warranty which is the longest of any doors we use.

Solid Timber doors are such a class with so many beautiful timbers to choose from, they add warmth to any kitchen.

Lacquered doors are the cream of the crop when it comes to luxurious finishes whether high gloss or matt finish, they look superb! The colour palate is endless, and styling is only limited by your imagination. But if you’ve got young kids scooting around, they might not be for you as the only thing that lets lacquered doors down is its durability.

Bathrooms and Laundries

NLK Cabinets also supplies and installs vanities and laundry cabinets, we can arrange all sub trades required to complete your renovation. Bathroom renovations are done in conjunction with one of two outside companies who we work with to achieve your vision, we can help with plumbing supplies through Regal Plumbtec and tiles through Swan Ceramics.

Sub Trades

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, there are more than just the cabinets and tops to consider, the Plumbing, Electrical, Tiling or Splash backs and even the humble Skip bin must be arranged.

Here at NLK Cabinets we can co-ordinate and schedule all the trades required to complete the renovation, we can quote on all these in a fully itemized obligation free quote, the sub-trades we use are fully licensed, reliable tradesman with a combined 100 years’ experience.

Splash backs or Tiles

One of the last decisions you’ll need to make is whether to use tiles or to splash out on a splash back. Tiles are always going to be cheaper than splash backs and with the influx of 600 x 300 rectified tiles there is a lot of choice that will give you a great look with minimal grout. Glass is the most popular of the splash backs and the colour palate is endless but there is a delay between installing the bench tops and installation of the splash backs (approx. 2 weeks). If your budget is stretched, you can never go wrong with engineered stone. One of the classiest looks is to have the top and splash back in engineered stone, but not necessarily in the same colour or finish. This can be a striking feature in your kitchen when combined with led strip lighting to really set it off.


There is so many accessories available from under cabinet strip lights to orga-line inserts for your drawers this is where the functionality of your kitchen can go another level. I’ve always erred on the side of quality when it comes to hardware and accessories, it’s never good to have to readjust or realign doors and drawer fronts because the product used isn’t standing up to the rigors of everyday life. Spend your hard-earned dollar where you get the most out of it, there are a lot of trendy and gimmicky things out there, so choose wisely! Dual bins, different sized drawers, cutlery, and utensil inserts are a must, LED strip lights, blind corner mechanisms and wire ware slide outs are options that can drive the price up so consider carefully.

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